Connecting, growing and innovating with purpose

Our purpose

  • Unite all the Nagarathars in Australia to create a inclusive society
  • To preserve and promote the heritage and culture of Nagarathars of Chettinad and reflect Australia’s mate-ship.
  • Introduce and nurture Nagarathar culture to the children in migrated Nagarathar families
  • Support and guide fellow community members to settle down in Australia
  • Provide a friendly platform for Nagarathars to connect and grow
  • Instil brotherhood and respect to others in the families living away from home
  • Assist Nagarathars in need with marriage and education


  • Organise and promote Nagarathar culture through regular events
  • More than 50 Naragathar families benefited from Marriage and Education fund
  • Assisted our families in 3 Australian states and NZ to unite
  • Got the second generation actively involved in Sangam events through Youth Club

N – Nativity

S – Simplicity

A – Authenticity