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Sangamam 2023 at Sydney

Place: AGH Camps Pty Ltd, 71 Dredge Ave, Douglas Park NSW 2569
Dates: 07/Apr/23 – 09/Apr/23 (Easter Weekend)

We invited Nagarathars from various Australian State(s) and New Zealand regions to participate in the event, get introduced and  connected to one another. This meet helped our younger generation to socialize, know more about their peers, have fun and share their interest across multiple disciplines of their interest inclusing our culture, arts, science, sports etc.

Event Flyer:

Mr. Udaiyappan Speech on “Investment for different stages”

Prof So So Mee Ayya Spech (Live Streaming)

Sangamam 2023 – Group photo

Sangamam 2017 at Auckland New Zealand

Registration Form

Sangamam Info

Sangamam 2017 flyer

Nagarathar Sangam Australia’s 5th national meet “Sangamam 2017” will be held in Auckland, NZ next year from 21 – 23 April 2017 (during Easter holidays) with the main event on Saturday, 22nd April 2017. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with nagarathars from other states of Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

If you are interested in attending the event then, please RSVP to on or before 31st Jan 2017 with the completed registration form and fees.  We request you to confirm your interests much earlier than the RSVP date for efficient planning. Those who are planning to tour NZ with Happy NZ tours please provide your expression of interest on or before 15th October 2016.

See attached flyer & registration form for further information. More detailed information including the venue, stay, program details, etc., will be made available in coming weeks and will be communicated to the participating members. For any further information about “Sangamam 2017” or if you are willing to participate in any of the programs or interested in volunteering please mail to

Fee details:
Registration fees: $90 per adult (Age 12 and above), $70 per Primary School Kids (Age 5 to 11), no fees for kids below 5. This fee covers quality food from Friday dinner to Saturday dinner, hall hire and other costs.
Accommodation: $80 per bed for two nights (Friday and Saturday) — (Note: you need to book a bed for all aged 2 and above)

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  Looking forward to see you all at this grand gala event.

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NSA Sangamam 2017 at Newzealand

Thanks everyone who were able to attend Sangamam 2017 and for making it an informative and fun filled event. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and had chance to relax in non-work environment.  Great attendance. ~ 100 people attended the event.

This NSA Sangamam 2017 event took place on a grand scale with Dr.Ramamsamy Kannadasan (S/o Kaviarasu Kannadasan) presiding over the event. We had a chance to interact and hear the behind the scene stories of Tamil film industry, ‘Paadal pirantha kathai’ and interesting facts about Kannadasan. Your speech has inspired lot of our kids to consider ‘Iyal (Literature), ‘Isai’ (Music), and ‘Nadagam’ (Drama) as their career choice when they grow up.

Colourful location, beautiful weather, well decorated hall & stage, mouth-watering food, thoughtful karutharangam, debate on the current social issues, speeches, networking  and team building games, participants exhibiting their talents at the talent night, stay at central location, above all friendly NZ and Australia Nagarathars made this event a memorable one.  An event we all will cherish these memories for a long time.

Thanks to Newzealand Nagarathars for coming forward to host the event.The Sangamam 2017 journey has been a tough one, but the harder the challenge, the greater the reward!

We also would like to extend our thanks to ‘Happy NZ tours’ operator – Mr. Senthil for organising a free trip to ‘Hunua Falls’ post event and Chef Mr. Khan (Ex. Popular 5 Star Hotel chief) for making sure we get a tasty food. His effort in delivering the food on time is highly commendable.

It is our duty to value, preserve and pass on Chettinad culture to future generation. So when the going is tough, when you wake up in the morning and know it’s going to be a hard day at work; not finding enough time to socialise, my advice is to remind yourself that what you are doing is going to positively impact the lives of more young Nagarthars. Sangamam is not designed to generate greater profit or pay a larger dividend to members – it is there to make a difference to everyone’s lives and it’s not often we get to say we were part of a program that has that level of social improvement to so many people.

NSA Sangamam 2015 at Adelaide South Australia

Message from the Prime Minister

Message from the Premier of South Australia


NSA Sangamam 2015 Agenda

Friday 03rd April 2015

5:30 PM – Welcome & Registration
6:00 PM – Members Networking Event Preparation
7:30 PM – Nagara Virundhu by Adelaide Nagarathars
8:30 PM – Vanga Palagalam!
10:00 PM – End of Day

Saturday 04th April 2015

7:30 AM – Breakfast
8:30 AM – Kuthuvizhakku Yetruthal
8:35 AM – Prayer Songs by Kids
8:45 AM – President’s Address – Mr. Senthil Ramasamy
9:05 AM – Present Memento to Chief Guest – Dr. Lena Tamilvanan
9:10 AM – State and Country Representative’s Speech
ACT – Mrs. Solai Adaikalavan
NSW – Mrs. Solai Adaikalavan
NZ – Dr. Narayanan Sockalingam
SA – Mr. Senthil Murugappa
VIC – Mr. Pragkash Sethu
9:30 AM – Karutharangam – நம்முடைய தடைமுடைடய இங்கே வளர்ப்பது எப்படி?
Host – Mr. Subramanian Shanmugam
10:30 AM – Group Photo
10:40 AM – Coffee Break
11:00 AM – சிைப்பு ச ொற்சபொழிவு
Presenter – Dr. Lena Tamilvanan
11:45 AM – Pattimandram – நம் இனம் மீட்சைடுக்ே கவண்டியது
“பொரம்பரிய சப௫டைேகள!” “சபொ௫ளொதொர கைன்டைேகள!”
Judge – Dr. Lena Tamilvanan
12:30 PM – Lunch
1:30 PM – Paramapatam (பரைபதம்) Informational Game
Host – Dr. Ramanathan Lakshmanan
2:15 PM – Informational Speech about Nagarathars
Presenter – Mr. Narayanan Sockalingam
2:30 PM – Disappearing heritage – Nattukottai Nagarathar
Presenter – Mr. Senthil Murugappa
2:45 PM – Starting a Business – A business or a hobby?
Presenter – Mr. Annamalai Sundaram
3:15 PM – Coffee Break
3:30 PM – Coffee with Lena
Host – Mr. Senthil Ramasamy
4:00 PM – Break / Preparation for Cultural Program
6:30 PM – Nagarathar’s Got Talent (Cultural Program)
7:45 PM – SA Nagarathars Thank you note
SA Representative – Mrs. Sorna Nachiappan
7:50 PM – Vote of Thanks
Join Secretary – Mr. Karuppan Chetty Ganesan
8:00 PM – Dinner
9:00 PM – End of Day

Event Photos

This NSA Sangamam 2015 event took place on a grand scale with Dr. Lena Tamilvanan presiding over the event. It was the first time ever that a chief guest was invited for Sangamam. Thanks to South Australian Nagarathars for coming forward to host the event. They were a small team but everything was well planned so it felt so much home.

Registrations started on Friday evening with some casual networking. It was a fun night getting to know everyone in an informal way. Nagara Virunthu, a great feast organized with love and affection, followed this. The group dispersed a bit late looking forward for a fun packed day Saturday.

The next morning all members gathered as planned for an early breakfast. It was an awesome breakfast after which Kuthuvizhakku was lighted, followed by prayer song sung by our kids. Our President Mr. Senthil Ramasamy welcomed our chief guest and presented a memo. Various state representatives gave interstate Nagarathar news. It was great to know the happenings in different states over a year. Karutharangam was the next event hosted by Mr. Subramanian Shanmugam. The topic was the most needed one for Nagarathars overseas. How do we nurture our kids here with our tradition and culture? Everyone shared his or her views and it was interesting to see what elders here had to say about this. Most certainly the younger generation got some tips from the discussion.

After a much needed coffee break we had the session that was most sought after. Dr. Lena Tamilvanan gave his speech and stressed on the importance of time. It was a very positive speech in Tamil. It was feast to ears to hear his speech. This was followed by Pattimandram with Dr. Lena as judge.  Soon after this we had a break for lunch. Every meal was served with much love and warmth. Soon after lunch we played Paramapadam. It was our traditional snakes and ladders game. Kids and elders loved the game. Everyone got to learn something about our Nagarathar villages. The game was hosted by Mr. & Mrs. Ramanathan Lakshmanan.

Mr. Narayanan Sockalingam, Mr. Senthil Murugappa & Mr. Annamalai Sundaram shared their views on topics about Nagarathars, Disappearing Heritage and Starting a business or a hobby. This was followed by a coffee break. Coffee with Lena Program was hosted by Mr. Senthil Ramasamy who asked interactive questions to get to know Dr. Lena more in depth. Questions were was around his life experiences, his field and about his family.

Everyone went back to get dressed for the cultural programme, Nagarathars’ Got Talent, which was the highlight for the evening. Kids put up a fantastic show exhibiting their talent. It was a fun night packed with singing, dancing and drama where kids and adults participated. The day ended with a Thank you note from Mrs. Sorna Nachiappan & Mr. Karuppan Chettty Ganesan. The group dispersed after dinner, certainly looking forward for the next Sangamam.

NSA Sangamam Mar 29 – 31, 2013 at Canberra Australia


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NSA Summit Apr 23 – 24, 2011 at Sydney, Australia

Summit 2011 Flyer
Summit 2011 Organizing Committee
National Summit 2011 Report
Summit 2011 Resolutions
National Summit 2011 Photos
Summit Villupattu on YouTube

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NSA Summit 2009 Apr 11, 2009 at Melbourne, Australia


Subramanian Shanmugam


Devi Krishnan – Sydney
Sambandam Subramanian – Sydney
Muthaiah Ramanathan – Sydney
Latha Manivasagam – Sydney
Muthukaruppan Ramasamy – Sydney
Annamalai Sundarm – Sydney
Valliappan Thiagarajan – Sydney

Adikappan Solyappan – Melbourne
Arunkumar Ayyappan – Melbourne
Annamalai Arunachalam – Melbourne
Karuppan Chockalingam – Melbourne
Mohan Nachiappan – Melbourne
Saravanan Chockalingam – Melbourne
Alagppan Alagappan – Melbourne
Lakshmanan Natesan – Adelaide
Adaikalavan Nachiappan – Melbourne

National Summit Invitation
Programme List

Event Photos

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